Why we Spam if it's restricted?

I am really confused because on all the incentive offers of most cpa network there have some restrictions that i really understand so everyone can benefit but why some of them restrict whatsapp ?

And why some of them promote inventives offer and tell us that the offer have to absolutely be given ? Do you all respect that or they just do it to scare us because i know they can track from where the traffic come and that it’s not good to not respect the rules and that’s what i do i totally respect all the restrictions but to be fair it’s a bit harsh and very confusing why they tell do not spam while everyone who do ig+cpa is spamming all days long ? Why do they tell us give what we promise why most of us don’t like if we promkte a 100$ gift card we have to give to everybody or what ? Why some social media are allowed and others are not ?

Do you know any good network that can let me have traffic from whatsapp for incentive offers ?