Wierd Action block..no bot

I’m literally doing less then 20-30 likes per day manually! and action block msg just popped up when I tried to like a post!
ill give more insight about my acc
•Reposting 2-5 daily using 2-3 apps to download content
•no f/uf no mass like, no DMS only answering
•basically very human behaviour (no bot)

Does action block can cause from mass reports? passed 10k 2 days ago on this slave

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Are you switching to many accounts on the phone and doing actions on multiple account same IP address?

Did you get a hard block or a temporary block?

If that account is on a browser with facebook cookies and of facebook logins …it may trigger it. I was getting them until I deleted my insta account from my facebook browser on desktop and used another browser without facebook login

Right now 3 account on 1 device same network, tho I’m not doing mass like or f/uf , it end up mostly in uploading content, and answering dms :confused:
temporary block on 1 account

I don’t think mass reports has anything to do with it. Does logging out then logging in to the account again help you get rid of the block?

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Are these 3 accounts that you are using from the same device and same network involved in the same niche, are they sending same content, using same links?

Try to stop giving likes for 2 days and then see if the block will persist. Also, try not to give all likes at the same time, spread them during the entire day.

I barely like… some times 7 in one day only home page, I don’t grow from spamming I grow only trough explore page

The trust score doesn’t care about how many actions you do, if you have a pretty low one, you’ll be blocked faster than usual

Maybe work on getting a better trust score for this (and potentially others) account

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mm Ty for the wisdom, any advice how to earn better high score?

Stop predictible actions from being detected + Use quality for everything that is implemented in your system. Instead of thinking what your accounts should do, try to think about what IG expect a real user to do, and what a bot wouldn’t.

By getting creative + some patience for these low-limits accounts

This is exactly what I do, 100% human
didn’t really understand the last part
“some patience for these low-limits accounts”
this low score make no sense to me tho…
getting 20k reach on posts without hashtags…?
many story share, dms etc, everything manually no spam… maybe they did a mistake? I had this msg twice and dispear after 5min after I clicked “tell us” if you think we made a mistake, getting paranoid about this IG downloader apps I using for repost plus it’s a celebrity art fan page, is it risky no?

I would never think this. Just lower your actions

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make sense but I don’t do any actions bru, only uploading :pleading_face: giving 1-10 likes on home page just to be legit, the reason I open this thread is to mabye find another reasons for block expect the actions them selfs…network mabye? mass report, third party apps, etc

There are many reasons for that but manually is not better than actually using for example Jarvee. It’s a tale that people try to tell you about selling their service.

Since you are not using a bot, there is not much room for error here. Either your home IP is trash (fake residential range) or Instagram does not trust your account anymore. Considering the changes last year, I would go with account trust issues.

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using pre paid 50G package phone internet
each phone,may cause issues?
(using 3 accounts on 1 phone IP)
allways wanted reduce it to 2, tho all profiles are fine &growing, had 1 action block for less then 2 hours on 1 profile(the biggest one)

An ideal option is to have a separate proxy for each account, especially if some of these accounts started to have “issues” and if each of these accounts is an important/main account.

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Go with a 1:1 setup until you find a strategy that works.

No need to build on top of something that might be already broken by design.

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I read here people run up to 6 profiles by 1 phone, only 1 account got miner action block :confused:
after I reported Instagram the action block removed almost immediately.
the rest are fine 0 action block, everyone growing 700-1000 new followers weekly by explore page, you suggesting I should split it into 1:1 for safety? I’m so confused,