Will adds increase your trust score and/or give you more leniency towards dayly/monthly limits?

Hi guys, after a 7 day hard block that ended almost a month ago (August 27th) I have been playing it very safe on my account. Before the big block, even though I was doing everything manually, like the newbie I was I was liking around 1000+ daily (and gaining between 70 to 100 followers daily, which to me was great).

Now of course I have changed strategies. I advertise every post I make (not crazy amounts, but around 70 cents to a dollar per post, with a very well directed audience), and for every potential follower I see liking my advertised post I send a DM (I send between 20 to 40 DMs daily when I do this, which I think is safe enough). My follower conversion rate doing this is around 60-70% (I put a lot of effort into my content and I think my niche responds well to it and is usually welcoming to my DMs). I usually pair this strategy with liking the first picture of every open profile I find on similar accounts’ followers lists (around 80 to 150 likes per day, usually no more than 100).

With this strategy I am averaging around 50 new followers per day, and considering the risks involved with the way I was doing things previously, I am very satisfied.

My question is, do you think my trust score has improved after almost a month since my hard block because I have been running ads consistently? Does running ads increase your daily action limits? I would greatly appreciate any insight!! Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

When you run ads,you are good for Instagram because you are paying them and this is common sense because everyone likes paid customers for sure.

And yes,it increases your trustscore for sure and infact this is a method to increase your trustscore and you are perfectly doing it,keep going and killing it.

Thank you so much Aman!!! This whole instagram thing is so nerve wracking. Specially when you are giving it your all when it comes to creating your content. This is exactly what I needed to hear to know I’m on the right track! :slight_smile:

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Also yes,the amount for which you run ads doesn’t matter but what matters is that you are running ads and you are their paid user.

Also I am not 100% confirm about the amount part but I think that’s what the general thinking can be.


Paying for ads is also an exceptional way to murder your reach whenever you post and don’t pay.

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I’ve also heard about that, but I can confirm that has not happened to me so far, thankfully! What I do is I post and then wait a day or so until the likes that come from my followers / not followers that discover through hashtags start decreasing and that is when I start the ad. Usually my engagement is around 7% before I start the ads, which I think is good.