Will Facebook ever lie to you?

Recently I’ve tested @Adnan 's method of promoting a FB post with unique hashtags and the results are nothing short of amazing, but with a small catch: Facebook notified me that I’ve received about 115 likes on that post in the first couple of minutes, but on Performance indicator on the actual post doesn’t have that many likes till this day. (The print screen was done just minutes after publishing)


Post performance

I thought that I will have to wait for things to sync, but it was a good thing I’ve made a print screen because the notification was no more.

The good thing is that I’ve reached a bigger audience, better sales, but I think FB started to catch up because of the big lie, mismatch of engagement

Has this ever happen to you?!


this is because of software issues dealing with data queries ( they will never be in synch, especially just a few minutes after posting! ) Different data results from 2 separate sections will always result in not matching until much much later ( hours and days after post when data does not fluctuate so much and slows down. It is not a stock market software designed to be exact, its general queries.

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That was about 8 days ago and even today I don’t have 151 likes. I will post the stats from today

it does not mean they lied, simply inaccurate( mismatching results) results.Even Instagram fucks up, look at likes on the post and pull insights, they are different. You want EXACT?

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and judging by those insights, 3 hideout , 3 more hide all. in a post that small…bad news. that page will go down in views real soon no matter what tags you use.

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I get you point, and I don’t disagree but I still wonder how they can be so inaccurate, because it’s 151 vs 54 likes. Inaccurate is an understatement :smiley:
I really want to know if you or others had the same experience with a business page- especially business. I was thinking that they lower the engagement on purpose just to make you buy adds.

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Possibly…nobody knows for sure

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