Will IG remove likes (hide)

Hey6 ive checked that some of the people have their likes hidden how do you think will IG remove (hide) likes and comments and is in Canada test still running?

@Vlaa - Yes the test is still running in Canada. I think the experiment will come to an end soon.

Why do you create the same topic? You have 1 already Will Instagram remove likes? Your opinion


I think they will hide them…

Hi, I am from Canada and yes, I CANNOT see the number of “likes” or “views” on any instagram in the world from my account. On my account, it tells me how many I get, but it does not show this to other Canadian instagrammers. So the only way I bypass this is:

a) I view my instagram account and other instagram accounts via the internet browser. Thus, it can show the number any instagram post’s likes and views on there.

b) I created a new instagram account on my mobile phone, and for some reason, it can allow me to view likes and views on any instagram account, I’m not sure why. Maybe the Canadian experiment doesn’t affect new instagram accounts after a certain date? So I have to log into that new account to see other people’s likes and views if I use my phone.

c) I still participate in engagement pods to increase my likes and engagement, because I know that the rest of the world can still see my likes and views on my post. So the Instagram experiment of hiding likes/views has not affected me. I am continuing to do what I always do with Jarvee and engagement pods as usual.

d) The only new behavior I tried (which I do not encourage!!!) is I bought 500 fake followers, because I thought, “hey if no Canadian can see my likes or views, then maybe followers are more important now?” Don’t do it, those fake followers from an SMM wholesaler website all are dropping and don’t give engagement anyway, so I continue on with Jarvee organic growth automation and the engagement pods in Telegram. :joy: English is not my first language so if I explained anything strangely or not fluently, that is why.

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Are you still able to see the names of the persons who like a publication ?

Yes, I can see the names of people who like my post. Let me see if I can post a screenshot to show what I mean. Give me a few minutes to figure this out :slight_smile: Edit: I forgot, if I am on browser I can see the post views and likes anyway lol. Too lazy to do it on phone and then to upload it here.

And can you see the names of people who like a post which does not belong to you ?

I don’t understand what you mean but I’ll write more in case it answers your question:

  1. I can see who likes my posts, even if they are followers or friends or strangers, I can see on my own posts. The good thing is, if I only got 9 likes, nobody in Canada knows because all of us Canadians cannot see each other’s likes, haha. But if I get 500 likes, I am so mad because nobody in Canada can see mine. Other countries can see mine, but it is just Canada that is experimented by Instagram.

  2. I cannot see who likes others’ instagram posts (it doesn’ t matter what country they are, I cannot see no matter what because I am in Canada). So if I visit my friend, and she tells me she got 400 likes on 1 post (even if she only got 6 likes), I won’t know if she is telling the truth because I cannot see how many likes she got.

Can you post an screenshot?

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argh I was kind of lazy too, but ok. I will do it. My english is not so good to explain. I will post some pictures, give me like 10 - 15 minutes so I can go screenshot around! :smile:

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I’ve given you a like for your effort

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aw thank you, I will try to explain here:

This is my post (colored my face off, I want to remain private, not from my main account, but from my slave account, lol. I don’t want to risk showing a pic from my main account). Anyway this says “Liked by so-and-so and others”. So I cannot see right away how many people liked my post at first glance. This is also how other Canadians see it too, they cannot see how many likes my post got.

In order for me to see how many likes I got on my post, I have to click on “Liked by so-and-so and others”, and it will lead me to a private page saying that 50 people liked my post. Only I can see this. Nobody else in Canada can see. So if a Canadian friend, Canadian follower, Canadian non-follower comes to my post, they cannot see that 50 people liked my post. They just see what you saw on the first photo.

This is NOT my post. This is now me, visiting Kim Kardashian’s instagram. Kim Kardashian is in the United States. But since I am in Canada, I cannot see “likes” or “views” on anyone’s post, no matter where they are in the world. It doesn’t matter if they are in China, India, Russia, US… I cannot see what anyone gets for their “likes” or “views”. I cannot see what my friends get too. So if Kim Kardashian got 1 million likes or 5 likes on this post, I would not know!

So I want to try and see how many “likes” Kim Kardashian got… nope, it won’t let me. Because I am in Canada!

But I found a way to see “views” and “likes” from Canada. If I go to instagram on my computer internet browser, now I can see she got 1 million likes. But if I use instagram on my phone, I cannot see.

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:If you liked this and found this helpful, send some likes on this forum post. Haha! :slight_smile: :blush: :slight_smile: :joy::joy::joy: I hope I answered your questions on what it is like being a Canadian instagrammer… it totally sucks!!!