Will Instagram become like Facebook?

A few years ago FB made some changes that totally shifted how businesses marketed on the site.

Instead of letting your posts be seen by everyone, only 2-5% of your followers would see what you shared in their newsfeed

Is it only a matter of time before Insta becomes just like Facebook and is more “pay to play” than anything else ? should we get ready for the era of the “boost” where you have to pay to boost your IG reach. ?


Unfortunately is the case, many users are complaining about the reach since the last updates!!

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They already are…

Just like everywhere :slight_smile: There is always the same process.

Yes, absolutely, 100%. This has been theorized for at least 2-3 years, after they did it to FB Pages. They’re a business first and a platform second, all they care about is money and milking users dry.

These updates are doing the same as Facebook unfortunately

@ian you said “They’re a business first and a platform second”, like us you mean? or anyone here really cares about the platform and the content? maybe I’m wrong but I see discussions about automation, services, reach, etc, etc… We are not different than IG, we need IG, not so sure that IG needs us anymore, automation/fakes helped massively to build the network… If I was IG I would shut down everything but the Marketing agencies that are paying the ads.

my 2 cents…while they don’t do it we may have a chance… Keep researching :slight_smile:

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Yes, that’s my point.

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What do you mean by ; “not so sure that IG needs us anymore, automation/fakes helped massively to build the network” does that mean it’s the end of all botting stuff also you said marketing agency are paying ads i saw many threads of people having agency and using all these automation services…

I meant traditional marketing agencies.

I had to check the post date to make sure this is NOT a two years old thread :sunglasses:


Haha, same case here. Seems like he is just noticing this right now…

As much as this started long time ago. It is unfortunate that things are only getting worse and we should enjoy the platform while it lasts.

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Yes Dude… without any doubt

Shutting all the automation down could work if their adds provided growth or the algorithm would be sophisticated enough that it would provide a decent growth based on the content and none of that is happening right now.

People and businesses are there on Instagram mostly to grow their followers - that is the whole point of being on Instagram in many cases - so you can grow. If people won’t be able to grow effectively on Instagram whether its via automation, likes or even manual follow/unfollow they will just dump that platform.

They want to make more money same as everyone else

Haha man it’s not because you are on Instagram game years ago that it’s automatically the case of everyone you’re the only guy in this thread who didn’t say something useful

Don’t be so sensitive dude, I only mentioned a FACT that I did check the post date. And what useful thing you’d want me to say regarding your questions? To all your questions including the one in your title, my question would be a simple yes. If you want more meaningful answers, then learn to ask more meaningful/specific questions.

I think that time has definitely already came. I personally have seen an INSANE drop in my reach on my personal page AND when I used to pay for an ad, the reach was much more. Even with paid ads through Instagram, I can personally verify that the reach is extensively lower. Instagram is one big ass**le.


Time to get back to drawing board and find other ways of advertising.
It was fun until now but this will be the end
We are switching to manually actions from now on in IG


haha i think that when you say" learn to ask more meaningful/specific questions" you’re the one who’s sensitive because if you read the thread i was making a simple question for just the thought of everyone about this nothing to get you angry man just chill a Yes answer is sufficient lol you are so stressed that you confuse question and answers