Will my Facebook accounts be disabled after completing 'confirm your identity'?

I will move to new location 150 km from my location. I will have a new IP address for my computer.

I always clear cookies.

Here is what I will do:

  1. I login to my Facebook account in computer in new IP address. I will get the ‘confirm your identity’.
  2. I will login to my Facebook accounts by mobile phone in mobile IP address to my Facebook accounts that have ‘confirm your identity’. This time, I will get if it was me logging to the accounts. I will click yes.
  3. I will again login to my Facebook accounts in computer in new IP address. This time, there will be no ‘confirm your identity’.

After finishing the steps, I worry that Facebook will disable the accounts. Did your Facebook accounts get disabled after completing the steps that I did?

I’ve changed wifi providers in the previous months which of course led to me being logged in to a different location, but I did not get these. Not sure if that’s because I have 2FA enabled for Facebook, and I just complete the 2FA step and I’m done.

it all depends lets say you have all the information fb might need in the event your account got restricted. you wont have any issue also try not to delete your browser cookies and cache when logging in from a new location. this might help uplift any restriction that will potentially be added to your account.