Will posting on proper account hurt it?

I have a 125k oraganically grown account and I don’t really put much effort into it as I am busy building up my personal account.

I just want to be able to set up a few posts a day without having to pay for another software to do this
(like later). So I am wondering if jarvee could be used and whether or not it will hurt the account.

*I usually post manually but I’m so busy atm, Id rather have it on autopilot

yes, you can setup a campaign on Jarvee that will post to your account daily

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You can absolutely use Jarvee or any automation software that supports auto posting.

You can also just use Creative Studio if your IG account has a business page attached to it on Facebook.

Since you are only posting, might not be necessary to purchase software to do what’s available for free.

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Yes, you can use Jarvee’s Campaign to do it.

You can check out Jarvee’s Knowledbe base wich contains all the necessary tutorials:

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sweet. Yeah I use the campaign tool on my child accounts, just was weary about adding my main. Thanks guys! Saves me a lot of time

do you really want to risk a 125k account via a bot? Jarvee is great, don’t get me wrong – but jeez —is it worth it? Nope.


Is it better to use creative studio?

Ive never used it myself but I’ve heard it mentioned

I agree, automating content on a big account ended up killing the engagement, its better for when you’re just growing the account but maintaining big accounts require good content


I have used the site later with no trouble but they work with instagram

later is good – however, phones posts are always better doing than scheduled ones with apps – even creator I found on some accounts.

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what do you think about the creative studio from IG? surely that would work

yes it does. I used it on one account that gains 1k a day and for two days gains dropped to 300 a day. Disconnected the link from the facebook page, days later went up back to 1k gains again. I know many doing very well with it. For me, with all my accounts its faster manually.

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Dam. May just have to stick to manual

I suggest doing manual posting,IG can track everything,if the account is doing fine don’t risk it.
IG flags your account pretty fast and its hell escaping a flaged account.


Yeah, the only time it used automation was about two years ago when it was under 1000 followers. trialed a website. I have used later a few times, but its expensive for a basic app.

Is there a easy way to export posts scraped in jarvee to a file so you can do it manually. The account is a repost account, I used jarvee to find the top performing posts of my niche.

You can go in Campaign Posts list tab > Show advanced view > Export posts as CSV file. Then use the option Export All Images/Export All Videos to export the images/videos in the campaign to a specific folder.

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Yeah I tried that but it didn’t add the hashtahs etc to the csv.
My plan is to just copy and past it to trello and grab them off there when I want to post manually