Will posting without F/U be a risk to my account?


In long term, I planned to deactivate F/U if the accounts goes well even without it. Would it still be a risk to the account to post via a software and a 4g proxy, or is this fine?

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Why would it be a risk? If anything it is way less risky.

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Jarvee has some problems with reposting at this moment, many are experiencing issues. So, just to be sure, I would rest it or do this manually.

Is it a reposting account or will you be posting original content? If it’s original content, it shouldn’t be that risky.

@Denny101 Are you planning on reposting through Jarvee?

Well, there is always a risk, to be honest. If you only have to post with one single account, try to do it manually!

I also want to do that, no follow and unfollow, just post or repost.
I want to know how many account can I use by one 4G proxy?

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4g proxy 1/1
raw 4g up to 10 is optimal

in my case we can use it for 20 account.

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