Will scrape the same users - Solution?

Hi guys,

I have only one source I would like to scrape from, I want to scrape the entire followers (Total 300k).

When I scrape through the “IG Scrape tool” if I have multiple scrapers it will scrape tons of duplicates.

Any solution?

If you use jarvee you won’t have any problems
If you want I could do it if you don’t have it
message me if your interested

HI, let us assume that your tool does scrape duplicates. Copy all of them on excel and just delete the duplicates. If you use Jarvee, then this wont be a problem in the first place

Did you start the Scrape Tools on multiple scraper accounts? or just on one of your scrapers?

Hey Ossi,

I use multiple accounts to Scrape the same source. Is that the reason?