Will small business invest time in Instagram?

As for the latest changes IG is becoming more like its big DEAD brother Facebook.
it is noticed for many small businesses: cosmetics, food, products and even hairdresser and mama blogs that they do get now much less likes then before, not to talk about followers for those who use a bot.

As there is no bot activity, or at least 70% less especially in the like field, the post don’t get even the basic 100 likes, maybe 30-50. So y should they spend the time, while a real costumer is checking their page and see no activity, it is better for them no to be there at first.

People want to show off and to be not emberessed in what they built. privacy? who care about it? not the small business.

just an opinion.

It’ll need some time and another alternative until they move out of IG.
I don’t see any drop on engagement on my small business pages though idk

This could open up an opportunity for them to use your service if you pay for the like exchange and can offer them bottled likes.