Will something happen to my Facebook account if I continue to deactivate and activate?

I plan to deactivate and activate everyday and every hour my Facebook accounts for the next 2 months. Will something happen to my Facebook accounts?

What do you mean?

AFAIK if you deactivate an account temporarily, they are hidden until you log back in however many months later. I’ve deactivated a FB account for a year and it was fine when I decided to reactivate it.

I plan to deactivate and activate my Facebook accounts everyday and every hour.

Like on and off frequently? That doesn’t sound like a good idea, definitely don’t have experience trying it though.

Maybe you can try it first with some account that is not that important to you and see how it will go, but it will probably be considered as suspicious. If it’s not a secret, what are you trying to achieve this way?

Deactivating account every hour seems too extreme. But you only need to log in to re-activate your account, so maybe nothing will happen. I’ve never tried it or heard anyone else do it though.

Hmm that’s interesting. I’m pretty sure you will get some trouble at some point since it will look very spammy and FB will take measures to make sure the account is not run by a bot.

why would you want to do that?

Deactivating the account every hour will definitely get you to issues with FB.

Kiss your accounts bye bye

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