Will Working Around A Clients Usage Avoid Blocks?

Has anyone had any luck avoiding blocks by setting usage times with their clients to avoid them and jarvee working at the same time?

I have a client who’s willing to give this a try but just wondering if it’s been tested and if it actually makes any difference. She just had a 3 day block so we wanna rest the account for at least another week and then do very slow warm-ups and set usage times.

Any feedback would be great

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Can you give us more info? Is she accessing the account or no?

I would also be interested to see if this works…

She was using insta at the same time before but was told not to do any follows but we still ended up with an AC and then a 3 day block. We are now thinking we could set operation times…

6am-9am - Her Insta Time (Jarvee Off)
10am-5pm - Jarvee On (She doesn’t use)
6pm-8pm - Her Insta Time (Jarvee Off)
9pm - 2am - Jarvee On (She doesn’t use)

Gives a total of 12 hours to operate Jarvee within.

My only other concern would be if Jarvee would start to see a pattern with this.

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I don’t think this will solve the problem, otherwise it would be too easy.
But if it does solve, let us know :slight_smile:

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I had a lot of clients who were getting compromised and warning messages from Instagram. Most of these clients were 35 to 45-year-old women who are using their apps a lot during the daytime. I moved their actions to 10 PM to seven in the morning and lo and behold for the most part the issues stopped. I definitely feel that their usage overlapping with our usage creates problems. Just my own observations on a dozen accounts.

I have a number of accounts that have suddenly run into this. I believe that again they are my heavy users and might be related to stories and commenting.


I am tring to run at night time, don’t think it is make any diff.