Will you pay more for a bot with no blocks?

Will ppl still “play” the game of F/UF once it don’t get blocked but get more expensive ?
like SetUp fee 100$ for account.
and another 25-35$ for operating ?
Not outsourcing … more a software-hw solution at your place.

No need to become more expensive, the issue is that some clowns with their three accounts “tested all settings” and can’t overcome blocks with their $0.10 Instagram accounts from Bangladesh.

If you test enough and have some testing accounts all the time there will be significantly less issues.


I am also using JV and get blocks, like 20% of client accounts.
I have my own 4g proxy from same loction.
I try verious settings (also commenting manually lol).
It is just that EB and the pattern JV leave are way easier to detect.

I found a solution (a year of work so not really “Found”) that don’t get block (even less then manuall in my tests :slight_smile: I want to sell it one day to public, but it is hard to do scale and have tons of bugs. and I a, not sure ppl willing to pay that price.

Any way I move clients from JV to this bot once they blocked for 2 long, like 1 month with no help of changing proxies / settings/ clear cookies …and work like charm in my new bot (king of studied the manuall follow unfollow normal users do and repeated it).

how many account you run / proxy? are you split them ? are you using EB or api?

EB no API 3-5 on proxy, I don’t split times (maybe I should ?)
I am using ccproxy and found a leak there so it might be related (but worked well until June)

can you share your social advanced profile settings?
and social media instagram settings?
are you using mother and slave for scrape account?

JV settings? not specific mostly intervals of 30-60 minutes with 5-25 follow. 10-30-60-360 between follow… EB only scrap account used under global tools. client accounts. do you want to talk In private I can share more details.

If it worked and was updated. Yes.