With 3 or 4g proxies what are they capable to do?

Hello, guys it’s my first post here and i would like to hear your openion about if someone have 3 or 5 or even 6 4g proxies what’s is he capable to do for his clients?
How the scrapers would work if you use them with 4g proxies?
Would bots last longer if they use dm or any other strategies?
If someone have tried to use more than 3 of 4g proxies tell us how is it going?

Lol i think most peole use a lot more than 3 4g proxies if they are running big setups. Yes they will help in all those areas

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If in more detail. Using 1 4G proxy. I use up to 8 main accounts and up to 15 scrapers on it.


Quantity of proxies doesn’t matter. It can be decided upon the number of total Accounts you want run. Each Proxy will have it’s own different outgoing address and if your proxy provider has made the setup properly for preventing dns leaks or any other information leaks than there will be nothing to worry about. Just you need to find the maximum limit of the accounts can be run per proxy by making some trials. I suggest choose good provider after making little research and try to get trial for 1 2 days if the provider is offering trial.

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Sound good so i can from one 4g proxy to use scraper and the main accounts in same time

Thanks man, are you using more than 4g proxy if yes can you tell how you manage it, i mean like do you use 4g just for child accounts and the other one for scraper

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I use residential for scraper and 4g for slaves/ child. But thats just my preference. I don’t like having scrapers and slaves on the same proxy. I run 5-15 accounts per 4g depending what I’m doing. Have about 10 4g modems.

Question is: do you have a 4g modem or 4g single use proxy?

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4g would be the best choice for you if you are looking for a steady growth and fewer issues i would recommand that you manage 3-4 accounts max

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Search for 4G Multiple SIM discounts, my supplier do this kinda daily due to high demand, so i get free 4G proxy time to time.

I’ve been using even 10 - 15 mobile proxies. They are doing great. Better use separate proxy for main/scrapers. I mean, don’t use the same port for main and for it’s scapers at the same time

that’s a good tip, most users don’t pay attention to that, IG will definitely link between your scrapers and main account if you are using the same proxies

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4G proxies are your ticket to not getting banned 10 seconds after you’ve started using the accounts. You’d also need high quality 4G mobile proxies with 4G residential IPs for these acounts. If you get non-rotating proxies you’d save some money and it will act like a true cell phone (make sure the proxy provider’s hardware are true cell phones). Remember, you want a true cell phone real device proxy provider as you don’t want hardware signatures changing, etc., that could get you banned.

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If you’re going to use proxies from multiple locations that are far from each other, then it’s better to avoid rotating proxies. But if you have let’s say 5-6 proxies from the same location, for example London, you can use Rotate proxies since that will mimic human behavior even better. People do move around and connect to different Wi-Fi’s don’t they?

3G or 4G proxies are not capable of doing anything without the needed experience and knowledge!

You can have the best homemade proxies, and still get blocks and banns.
There is much more into it than proxies.

All this is still possible by TESTING… TESTING… TESTING.

But to answere you question.

DC proxies for scrapers/slaves. 4G for main accounts.

The survival of accounts are not solely based on “Magical” proxies.

Here are some basic stuff to take into consideration.

  1. Correct Account creation.
  2. Correct Warmup of fresh accounts.
  3. Correct Setup of your automation tool
  4. Correct usage of proxies and finding good proxy providers.

Ideal proxies for automation are those not shared. Find providers who don’t re-use shitty old already burned out proxies or those having many of their subnets blacklisted already. That goes for both DC proxies and 4G proxies.

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