Woocommerce auto email attachment help

IT Noob here needs help :slight_smile:


Wordpress website with woocommerce. Clients buy a monthly growing plan. Manual i sent them an email with 2 documents.

I want to automated that part. So after the order, woocommerce needs to sent an email with the 2 files automated.

I can find some paid plugins, but i dont know what to buy or what to use.

Any idea what plugin fills my needs?


Answer from another noob.

Maybe it’s a solution if you upload the attachments to Google Drive and send a link in the automated email


Thats possible! Lets see if customers are downloading the link after the received the purchase email!

test it!



The link will stay the same to all new customers. When they use it, fill it, then return it, the original link will be clean? Without the info of the client?

Noob alert on.

Link will stay the same. Make sure to set your share settings that no one is allowed to edit the file.

You can also upload the file as pdf, so the receiver can’t change the original doc. But that doesn’t work if they need to fill something in.

Maybe also include a Dropbox link or another cloud server as an alternative. It might be more convenient for some.

But hopefully there’s a plug-in :blush:

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i found one:) 24$, will give that a try i think :slight_smile:

But thanks!

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Great! Have fun :slight_smile:

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How is the plugin working out for you?


will bu it this afternoon and let you know!

Support says it can do exactly what i want:slight_smile:

Actually pretty god damn legit!

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