Woocommerce help -Need help creating a subscription plan. But, this is different!

Well, I’m stuck with an unanswerable question.
I sincerely hope someone here would know the answer or know a way around.

Here’s where I’m stuck at.

As of now, I’m offering my service with 2 weeks free trial.
With a Woocommerce subscription, it was easy.

But, I need to make a change to this pricing.
Planned on offering no more free trials.
Yet, I want to do this.

If a customer signs up/subscribe, they will be charged a fee for the service they signed up for.
This initial payment will valid for 45 days. (Let’s say $99.99/month, but their first month will be 45 days)
That being said, their second payment will occur after 45 days after they originally signed up with my service. (After 45 days, they will be changed again $99.99 and this will continue every month until they cancel on 30 days intervals)

I just don’t know how to configure this with Woocommerce.

If anyone knows how to get this done, it would be so kind of you to share it here.

Thank You and Stay safe guys


If anyone wonders, this what exactly I need.
I created this subscription directly on PayPal.
But, I need to create this on Woocommerce