Wordpress Course and Templates 🧐

Hey Guys,

(Yes, I’ve searched)|

I’m chasing a Wordpress course or any good youtube videos that show you how to create basic local wordpress websites. These websites will need to be able rank in the search engines effectively so I don’t want to do any ghetto shit.

Or even if you know some good website templates I can purchase.

Any help is appreciated!


What bit are you wanting to learn? Are you already good with Wordpress?
Is there a particular reason you want to use Wordpress? I love Wordpress myself, but it has a whole load of complexity that you might not need. Are you talking about using wordpress.org or hosting a wordpress site on your own host?

Hey @ChrisNZ thanks for the reply.

I’m very amateur, I know how to post blogs and do basic updates on sites.

However I’ve never built a site myself so I would like to learn how to build them
(as in how to hook domain, host and template up).

As I’m want to build a couple of local websites for myself and rank them in the SERPs for my own skills. (obviously going to learn SEO as well however I have multiple SEO courses).

Seeing if anyone has a course on this or has the right youtube vids that I could follow to produce basic websites.

If not i’ll buy a udemy course

Thank dude

Hey. I wouldn’t bother paying for a course. There are so many free resources available. Just google around for Wordpress tutorials.
I think Wordpress is a great platform to learn but you are going to spend a lot of your time learning how Wordpress works before you get on to learning to implement
Have a think about just using a simpler platform like square space to practice seo so you don’t have to worry about the complexity of Wordpress.

The best way to learn is by doing it. Just open a WP website and try to build something, when you get stuck just search it. Fastest and cheapest way. No need for a course.

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Agreed, especially with WordPress. There’s so much free information out there and enough plugins to make anything you need work in a pretty short amount of time.

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If you really want to get started with Wordpress, rather than a simpler platform, then I’d recommend getting an account with Siteground. You can run multiple domains off the one account so it’s quite cost effective. Good quality Wordpress hosting can get pretty expensive so Siteground is a cost effective place to start if you are just building a few simple sites to get started.
I also found a subscription to the Envato Elements marketplace quite useful, but this can be expensive depending on what level of money you have to invest. Elements actually has a courses section you get for free so if you really want to do courses then they are bundled in. Also @V001 feel free to share some likes with the people here who have been giving you advice :sunglasses: