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Hi guys, I’m looking for a WordPress plugin that can show a gallery of IG posts. The only difference is that I don’t want it to just show the feed of a single account but want to add the posts manually via URL links, so that it can be from hundreds of different accounts. Ideally the plugin would have advanced design features to hide the additional information, so that it’s basically just the image that shows. Does anyone know of something suitable? Thanks

Probably need something like this https://codecanyon.net/item/wpk-external-images-gallery/13038873

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There are many ways to achieve what you are looking for. I found some options even though I no longer use wordpress. Please take a look at them and if it works, please give me a “like” !

This one looks pretty promising.

Have you checked any of these out yet? Sorry, since my old WordPress site is no longer published, I have not tried them out yet.

* https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/12-instagram-plugins-for-wordpress-worth-installing/
* https://www.sourcewp.com/best-instagram-wordpress-plugins/
* https://accesspressthemes.com/blog/best-instagram-feed-wordpress-plugins/
* https://smashballoon.com/instagram-feed/free/

Maybe you should turn them all into RSS feeds?

* https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-rss-aggregator/
* http://fetchrss.com/instagram
* https://www.geektron.com/2014/01/instagram-rss/

Since I am new here, I apparently can’t do anything, so I had to add them in this manner. 2 links? Really?

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Thanks. This does look promising. I’m still reading through it to see whether it allows me to only show specific images submitted through URL link rather than automatically pulling from specific feeds.

If you just want the image to show, why not scrape the pic and use just the pic? Just wondering, it sounds like a lot of work to add that many URL’s that you need zero functionality for.

Legal reasons. I need to be able to give proper credit to the users submitting the content.

Yes, exactly, the forum restricts certain actions until you have proven yourself to be a good and contributing member of our community.

O I C.

And a naked URL shows too much info?

what do you mean? I want to show the image from Instagram but when someone clicks on it, it will lead them back to the original IG post. I just want to be able to feed the content into the plugin via URLs.

And you have already tried a carousel or whatever format using the embed via URL so that it will lead back to the original?

no, not yet. Just looking into the WordPress plugin options. Except all of them point towards an automatic pull from a specific feed, which makes sense for most people but not for what I want.

Try out what the fuckin cawp ouva there said and see if that werks fer ya.

Keep it up funny guy.

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I looked quite a bit and the only one that specifically fit what I was looking for is this one:

Costs about $19 once and gives you quite a good list of features for design etc.

Thanks for all the help and resource suggestions.

Smart! Why have I never thought of this? Easy way to fill a blog.