Wordpress themes or Direct Landing Page builder?

Hi, I really having some blockages in my way with themes. First is I don’t have money to invest on wordpress themes and standalone landing page builders. So, I am confused on how should I proceed?

I need to make a fast responsive 2-3 page affiliate site for ppc ads. I was seeing Festingers free theme so I have some queries:

  1. We cannot activate themes downloaded from the internet right?

  2. Suppose in any way we are using themes downloaded from the internet, can we stop the themes from getting auto-updated?

People gets bounced on crappy looking sites. :frowning:

What to do? I really need to make a fast responsive 2-3 pages affiliate site in a free way. I do plan to buy after I make some money but impossible now.

You can used them. You should just now that using them is illegal but it’s practically impossible call you out for using them

WordPress themes are not pre-made landing pages, they are just a preset on how your store will look in terms of fonts, content location etc.

If you want to build a landing page on WordPress you could try to mess around with elementor (requires a bit of web development experience)/ the built-in gutenberg or just step away from wordpress in general and invest in something like leadpages or instapages.

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Lots of great plugin and theme, you can easily free to download to use!
You may can try rehub theme.

I havent founda a theme easier to use than thrive themes for landing pages, but you could do the same thing with other ‘free’ themes available on the web or other forums. Just use a reliable contact form and hosting so your site load speed isnt dragging ass

There are plenty of free and freemium themes and plugins available in the WP repository. Just Googled it real quick and here’s on that might work for you:

Totally agree with @grown, Elementor is one of the better landing page plugins that is free, here’s a step by step tutorial on YouTube on how to build your landing page with Elementor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjS-vPXblpk

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@senseifuel everything can be done with the FREE version?

I usually scrap the landing page I want, then I host it on amazons aws, easy and free.

That’s is for cpa + youtube method