Wordpress Website Broke After Adding SSL Certificate

Website looking fine when I’d look for it without https, when I clicked on the title or tried to look for it in https would look like shit:

So I tried to solve it by making the whole website https (not just http) by getting an SSL certificate.

Problem is: now it get shown only in https and it looks like shit (like I showed you)

So my question is: How do I solve it? I just want my website to look like I made it…

Who’s your hosting provider?

I’m no expert at this, but you easily find someone on Fiverr who fixes all things SSL for like $5.

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hmm I just installed an SSL for a client via bluehost a while back and remember running into a similar problem, we fixed it by enabling something along the lines of “HTTPS Enforce” and “External Links Rewrite”

I would also check to see if anything else on your page has been updated - themes, wordpress version, plugins, etc. (updates are being pumped out like crazy right now)


Bluehost is my provider!

Hey thanks for the insight man, I will give a look!

Yeah I think this is correct. I believe there’s plugins on Wordpress that will do this for you


I ran into similar problems when switching an old site over to entirely HTTPS and managed to fix it with the Really Simple SSL plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/really-simple-ssl/), they have a debugger which will provide some diagnosis for things that might be incorrectly configured.

Was also just using Let’s Encrypt certificates via my hosting cPanel as well, which made things a bit easier, not ideal but it worked temporarily.


i think through settings you made the website only accessible through https can you checkout the settings
also if you installed any https plugin make sure to try to disable it and see if http will work again !

A lot of times it’s cause by plugin and/or theme conflicts. Log in via FTP and change the name of the plugins folder, then log in to wp-admin and you’ll see all plugins are disabled since WP can’t find the plugins folder due to it being renamed.

Once all plugins are disabled, go back to FTP and change the plugins folder back to the proper name. Next go back to wp-admin and enable the plugins one by one and check the site each time. As soon as you see the site break, you’ll know which plugin caused the issue. Then you can just find a replacement for it that works with your setup.

Bro did you find the solution? I have the same thing happened to me, but I just forgot about that and threw it away

This worked for me as well two years ago.