Words To Avoid Using In Giveaway


How would you word a giveaway? Which words are best avoided? Is it better not to use hashtags?

Depends if you want to grow followers or doing CPA. Which one is it?



Thank you for your reply! To grow followers.:grinning:

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Wha’ts CPA? I would like to know

CPA (Cost per Action) usually refers to getting paid for a user performing a specific action.


  • You offer a free eBook to your users
  • You sign up with a CPA affiliates network - there are many different ones to chose from for different niches.
  • You set up a campaign with a so-called content locker. Users will only receive their reward (your eBook) after completing an action ( the A in CPA)
  • Users then will be guided through a set of options/actions to complete (you can set this up via the advertising network) - They can range from Free (App installs for example) to a so-called Pin Submit (User enters his phone number, verifies the pin sent via SMS and gets charged a certain amount)
  • The user gets access to their reward/incentive (your eBook) after that
  • Depending on your Advertising Network, the User location, and what offer they completed you get a specific amount/percentage for that action (the C in CPA

This model also works in a similar way for niches such as Adult, Dating, and what-not


How a giveaway can be used with CPA?

I understand that for acc growth, you ask the participants to follow some specific accs. With CPA you would ask them to click in the link and complete some registration form?

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Anyone got any answers for my opening question?

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giveaways are good for 2 things --1. getting followers then losing them, 2. damaging your ER for your account. Nobody can tell you what words to avoid because most here are smart and don’t commit suicide for the account using giveaways

Thanks for your reply.
I think.