Workaround @account in bio

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i use jarvee and i noticed that when i use the embedded browser i can’t use links to other profiles in my bio. So I can write for example @instagram and in the embedded browser I can then also use this link, but in the app (which usually people use) is no link deposited, but simply as text. Does anyone know a way to insert this link via the embedded browser?

Can you show us by screenshotting it, because I really didn’t understand correctly what do you have in mind?

On the first screenshot i can click the @link, but on the second not.
The first bio I made in the app and the second in the embedded browser of jarvee.

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I saw this bug often. What helped was

  1. edit bio put a space between the “@” and “accountname” and save it
  2. edit again and take the space out and save it

maybe that helps?

i had hundreds of accounts with this issue and after researching further my own conclusion was these accounts are shadow banned or have a very low trust score in front of IG… i usually just make new accounts

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have a low trust score

but why can i link with the exact same account when using the app and not the embedded browser?

also if i use an account in not only embedded browser mode, i can change the bio via social profiles-> edit profile. if i enter the link there, it also works.

If I remmember correctly you can only @ using API

Found this guy with the same issue

@ywetzel1 Please try to use the little magnifier at the top right of the Forum to search for Terms like “Bio” “Tagging” “Tag”. I found the Topic in seconds and I believe it would have been better to just comment under there if “anything changed” or “can i do it in 2021”.

I have tried both with @ from Browser and Mobile and everytime the @ isn’t Clickable through Browser.

It is not the Account’s Trustscore here but @ is not clickable using Browsers,It is only Clickable through Mobile Application or API as per my Observations.

Have you checked on your Phone App, does it work there?

He sais it’s working on his phone with the app, but not on Jarvee.