Workflow to grow your IG accounts

Hi all,

After studying for couple of days on this forum, other blogs and youtube, I’ve finally abled to shrink all the important info into few lines. Here I’m sharing those infos for you, so that you guys can start your journey right away.

*To senior marketers: Please correct me If I make any mistakes planning this strategy.

  1. Choose a Niche.
  2. Find 20 Images in that Niche (Will use to post 2 img/day).
  3. Find 30 Hashtags (Will use while posting img) [Credit: @BrandonBerner ]
    a) 15 - Popular Hashtags [ public posts count 1m+]
    b) 15 - Less Popular Hashtags [public posts count under 1m, under 100K are good too]
  4. Find 20+ IG brands in your niche. (We will follow their active followers/Will use as source under Follow tab)
  5. Then will set this up on the MassPlanner following shot [Credit: @Adnan ]:
    Follow Setting:

For better understanding of settings, follow this link:

Please correct me If I make any mistakes. Thanks


@Maali thanks for this nice share. Yes, there are a lot of good topics and people here that could help you grow your IGs, but unless you try it yourself, it’s pretty much just another article in the forum, so cheers :beers: to your adventure and hope it’ll be an awesome ride :slight_smile:

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Cheers :beers:
I’ve started doing it already. Good luck to your journey as well.
Thank you :heart_eyes:

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This is great! You have saved the time of many people.

Quick suggestion, I recommend posting 5 popular hashtags and 25 less popular hashtags for the best results. Once your pictures reach 500+ likes you can consider adding a few more popular hashtags.

If you add to many popular hashtags at the beginning, you will not receive enough likes from the less popular hashtags to get featured under the Top Post section.

It seems you did your homework, very nice. Keep in mind these settings work for Adnan’s AGED accounts. I think you will get banned trying to follow 1000 people/day on a fresh account.

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