Working email extractor and facebook scraper?

Hi, is there any actual working email extractor and facebook scraper?

@socadd I suppose Igram scraper may suit your needs, check it out
If you are looking for a free one I can’t advise something here

When did you last use gram scraper - the videos and tutorials searched are over 2 years old.

Why don’t you use jarvee for this? It’s very easy!

It scrape emails and phone from ig

You can scrape with the tools all the bio info and then use software to extract all the emails from the main data

I was wondering if there’s any e-mail scraper from Facebook Groups ?
Seems that I don’t find any solution over Jarvee for this

@NVY.Social, you can use simpleaudiens to extract registered FB email addresses from members in groups which you are a member too. It depends the niche, but you can get around 1%-5% converting rate (1-5 email addresses in 100 members).

Are u the founder of this?

And I need to scrape “USA” followers only. How would anyone know which people is from where? Majority of the people don’t have their location revealed. Does this app have location filtered?

And majority of the people do not have their emails in bio. Can it scrape hidden emails?

And 10,000 quotas means 10,000 emails?

It only extracts those people who have made their email public right?

yes, i am the programmer,
there is location filters, you can input united states at location.and you will get usa data
i capture phone number too.
thats mean i can filter usa by phone country code
and some give their location, i capture it too.
and the system not like web scraping,its more api scraping. it capture your public profile not only from bio,but from your business contact,that only shows at ig mobile ( this is what you mean hidden right ? ).

yep, 10k means 10k emails,or maybe u need phone number too, you can spend the quota for email or phone.

and yes,its only public data that we scraped.

By hidden I meant people who don’t display emails in the bio.

@socadd It can scrape emails which were used to register Facebook. PM me, I can do a test for a fanpage for you.

yes,.,not in bio.
in their public contact.
thats feature that instagram business have right?

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i will buy it , 100USD just 60000 ? if have more phone number your phonelimit just 60000 ?

thanks for order and try my service
thats the limit that you can download.
the system will scrape all the time based on hashtag that you input.

and thanks for the request to add feature scrape target follower.
i will add the feature in few 2 days

I need a software that scrapes FB, hidden emails.

Please kindly check your inbox. Thanks.

did you use their audiensens?