Working Facebook Mass Account Checker

Hey guys.

Does anyone know where I can get a working mass account checker ? I used to have one that worked without proxy but sadly i lost it.

Would appreciate it if you could also tell me where to get it (no virus). Thanks

I’ve always loved the (no virus) thing, it’s like those stickers on cars that say “baby on board” just makes me want to hit their cars more

You can use jarvee(even free trial) to check your account status.

Simply install jarvee, add your accounts, you can add it in bulk if you create a valid text file with username and password or do it manually one by one, and then jarvee will try to login it automatically. If your detail is correct then it will show you “valid” option otherwise you’ll see block/failed message.

Also make sure you tick don’t sync new facebook profiles after login from somewhere in setting menu.

How many can you check at once?

As much you can do manually in a single IP.

Thanks for the answer so lets say I can load 1000 users and it will do it automatically ?

Same IP might cause some problems. Better to stay safe like using same IP on 10 Facebook accounts. But if you do other activity like/comment etc then you should go with 1 IP / 1 Account.

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What proxies are ideal for facebook automation?

I’ve few cheap laptops with cheap data network plan like $5 for 90 days with 2GB/Day. I’m living in India, so here data is super cheap.

But you can go with residential proxy from @HenryCooper

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