Working SMM Panel Needed

I have been using but my orders have not come though…

Please can anyone tell me an SMM panel for PB that actually works


Strongly recommended.

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I saw this one but was discouraged by their bad website

Jap and followiz both the best imo

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What exactly you need? Likes, followers?

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If you need Likes try is a member here and personally I’m testing the service.


I need everything espeically reviews

I use JAP but I hate their support, fake “refills” and drops.

Where can I best follower service with very low drop rate?

Can I buy real followers or they are all fakes?

I recommend followiz . they also offer real followers from ads. it costs $4.8/1000 followers.

Are they from US? I need targeted. not Arab

How do they offer real followers from ads while IG ad costs at least $5 daily?

Does anyone recommend the cheapest/most relabel to whitelabel?
Very hard to find the main source. When it comes to smm panel everyone is just reselling. If anyone has a recommendation, please do share or pm :slight_smile:

You will never found the main sources because there is not only 1 source but many. All are individuals or teams who offer one type of service not many, just one.
To make it simple:

  • Numerous people selling differents services (Provider), they never advertise themselves are really hard to find and some have minimum deposit entry starting from 3-5K (the good one).
  • Big reseller (Class A reseller): Guys/teams who will list all these provider services and make them accessible for small resellers.
  • Small resellers: Many are country targeted
  • Retailer: Website like buzzoid etc.

The process will never change. If you want to resell just find a Class A reseller with a few other providers. Class A reseller takes between 15-35% margin. Not a big deal and will save you the hassle to resell directly from providers.
I think you can find one in the marketplace (SalyVeronna sales thread).
There was also another guy here selling Instagram like in bulk (instacreator or creatorgram or gramcreator).
And selling directly from providers don’t save you from all the issue and customer service. IMO it’s the worst when you rely only on one source and their system is down, you and your client will have to wait. With big A reseller, you can easily switch from one server to another without spending a high amount of money.

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How does this work? Instagram ads arent that cheap!

no its not? i did withdraw anything lol? did i miss something

What are you talking about?
My answer was for Nieco :man_shrugging:

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All fake brotha

lol okay no worries

Why don’t you create your own panel using the Like Exchange Tool of Jarvee?

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