Working without scrapers?

Hey guys,

one question:
Are there people out here working the client business without using scrapers?

Scrapers are a pain in the a** right now and I don’t see the scraper solution be a real solution long term. I don’t think Instagram will tolarate this kind of behavoir, adding ten thousends of empty profiles to the platform. There is no way instragram will ignore this long term. We are hurting ourselves with this strategy.

So my question is:

Are there people out there working “old school” without the use of scrapers?
I think this should be the “new” way, to make this work again.

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well I use specific users it will decrease scrap to 1/20

But do you use FULL API or ONLY EB ?

Full Api atm 1313

You could scrape followers of target accounts using Phantom Buster, drop them into a excel sheet, eliminate all private users there, copy and paste your final list into your phone, then copy and paste into your client IG account there, follow like whatever. Time consuming, but works.
BTW you’re crazy to be on full API if you’re using Jarvee.

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I’ve tried without scrapers, old accounts and some new ones are working fine but I am not executing too many actions per day, but I am also getting action blocks on some new accounts.

Tried it for a day on about 50 clients. 40% of them either were TL/CA or AC within 12 hours. Strongly suggest NOT using this strategy.

I agree … IG will shut down the scraper situation pretty quickly as they don’t want blank profiles added every day. Just think about the sheer number of accounts being created on the platform just for scraping.

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I use my own scraper personalized, with my own proxies and works like a charm

The scrapers should also appear human-like and they cannot be blank. So set up a profile photo, bio, have some follow/unfollow/likes activity (f/u/likes can be done on Jarvee when you do random actions on the API or eb)

Also note that when using scrapers, the scrapers should not have similarities with your main account and the other scrapers. That is, they shouldn’t have the below items in common:

  • The same bio description, same profile photo, same or similar IG usernames

  • The same link in the bio, or redirecting to the same landing page.

  • Posting the same images.

  • Using the same Caption for the posts.

  • Sending the same message if you are using the contact tool.

  • Comment using the same comment text if you are using the comment tool.

  • If you are using private or dedicated proxies, we don’t recommend adding more than 2 accounts in the same proxy, but if you are using 4G proxies, you can use up to 10 accounts per proxy.

Jessi, I assume you are speaking from experience. You have tested that profiled scrapers last longer than blank scrapers? Same account creation, same proxies and settings?

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In my experience it’s the creation and the proxies that control how long they stay alive. I get cheap unprofiled ones and they have lasted over 6 months now.

Yes, profiled or human-like scrapers are less suspicious on IG’s end. I’ve used giveaway IG accounts as scrapers and they are so far and luckily still alive.

If you created the account yourself, it’s best to retain the same proxy when you created the account.