Worried about my customers safety with Automation

Okay so im about to make Instagram management services but im very worried about my costumers Account safety

so i have Some questions that i could not find Solid Clear answer in the whole internet so i decided to come here and ask the big bosses on here ( you guys )

1- Type of proxies to use for the safety of the customers accounts ? if im going to have more then 100 accounts managed

2- Best Optimal safe Speed for General accounts ( Actions per day ) ? not so new and not so old accounts ( that will still get me results but also keeps me in the safe side )

3- im gonna use PHP based Automation tool with Private IG API, would that be dangerous Comparing to Software bot that can be installed in VPS ?

4- how much should i charge customers per 1 account ? ( like you think its reasonable ) ( i wont do posts for them, i will just grow their accounts based on automated activity )

i have done a lot of automation ( only my accounts ) and used various tools for that and experienced in all kind of proxies, but i still need to ask these questions to clear my mind, because i still think im noob for some reasons lol

Thank you all



  1. Residential/mobile proxies because as you’ve said are the client’s main accounts. 1:1 is a good rule to follow.

  2. This depends on a lot of factors. But I’d say 400 follows per day is a safe bet, same for unfollowing. For likes is like 250. But you’ll need to test. You can do the following:

Try by testing with 200 and scaling 50 from there. If you got action block (follow, unfollow, liking, comment, etc) then minimise by 50 and let it run by 2-3 days more, and try to scale up again, If you get another block, then you’ve found your limit with that account.

P.S: I’ve done up to 1000 follow/unfollow per day without issues with solid proxies and main client’s account, but again you’d need to test as every account is different from each other.

  1. If you don’t know what you’re doing and also if your PHP automation tool isn’t reliable enough. I’d instead go with an already automation software tool like Jarvee.

  2. I’ve seen in BHW some guys charge like $27/month. Provide the best value to customers. If I was you and I’ll offer such a service, I’ll apply as much filter as I could to provide the best followers possible to them.

GOLD HINT HERE (FREE :wink: ): if your proxy/VPS/settings aren’t fast enough. Take caution with scraping time limits. Because so much “Search in progress…” (big scraping time) may cause a headache if you know what I’m talking about.



1- so you say i should use 1 mobile proxy per 1 Instagram account
should be rotating or sticky ? wouldnt that cost more then $40/month for each account ?

can you please DM your suggested proxy supplier based on your experience ?

2- so genreally 400 follows and 400 unfollows and 250 likes a day would be okay with mobile proxy if the account was generally ok ? like not so old and not so new ? like its better to set this as default speed for new customers first month ? of curse their will be some stop interval for example night time

so its better to make the VPS of my site and the proxies provided from the same country ?
i would be using Digtalocean as VPS with high speed like their top performing package

Thank you David !

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  1. well thats completely up to you, how good are to at marketing ?
  2. if np or sp, those are pretty bad compared to jarvee, stupid way of think in the code, but still decent.

can you explain more, what is np or sp ?

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is the initial of the php platforms name i’m referring to, didn’t want to make unnecessary ad


  1. No. For mobile proxies, you can use 5 accounts as a safe bet.

  2. Yes. As I’ve said start low and scale from that.

VPS and Proxies of the same country don’t matter at all.

Hope this helps,


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do you know any mobile proxies providers that you can suggest me ?

CAREFUL THERE!!! You should ALWAYS use only one account per (mobile) proxy to be safe. The only exception is if you use ‘raw’/pooled mobile proxies where you can use more accounts per proxy but personally I would never use these for client accounts. I can’t tell you the exact technical details around this but dig a bit further and you’ll find this repeated over and over.

okay what would you use for client accounts ?

Just so we’re clear, have you ever run your own accounts? You seem to have a lot of questions, some very basic …

I’m not here to bust your balls but 9/10 I sell my services on my experience, anyone can plug an account into socialcaptain or similar and follow x amount of users per day.

Also, if you’re worried about their account safety I’d say you are NOT ready to begin this journey … if you’re not confident in keeping their accounts safe why would you even toy with the idea of starting your own agency? Go and get some experience first.


Take this advice and start learning before you start earning.


yes man , many of my accounts i go with 1:1 Private USA proxies ( datacenter ) with them and medium settings compared to others, ( used followliker) and ofc instagress when its was live ( it was my first one ).

but i never got any of my accounts banned, well only 1 out of around 15 accounts but i know the reason behind its banned it was because i set the settings to be very fast speed with link in bio and ignored the limits,

anyway the reason why im asking these questions because now things will get serious and money would be on the table and its not about CPA ads anymore like Churn and burn

so i wanted to ask people who tried Managing other people accounts , not a normal guy who only manage his accounts ( because im already in that stage )

anyway Thank you for your advice :heart_eyes:

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Before you get chewed up (I hope you don’t), please consider using the search function. There are so many invaluable topics discussed into detail, sometimes over the span of a year.

To your question, I would advise you create some test accounts to get started. There are so many factors at play, and as such, any advise given here (although accurate), may not necessarily work for you. Always TEST TEST TEST.

Do this, and almost all your questions would be answered within your first few weeks.