Worth buying Jarvee Now?

I’ve been researching about automation and growing accouunts for just under over a month but recently there has been some issues with Jarvee and other similar programs. Is it worth getting it at this time since there are ongoing issues?

The ongoing issues have hit the majority of the bots on market. It has nothing to do with Jarvee solely.
But based on the fubtionality of Jarvee compared to other automation tools on the market, you simple can’t compare the others to Jarvee. Now I do not sell this or have any interests in this bot aside being an experienced user of it.


Do you think I should wait like a month to see if the situation is resolved?

You can never know when the situation gets under control. Who says that it ever will. But if you wanna do this, you gotta get fimiliar to Jarvee. Create a bunch of test accounts. Get to know the program. As you can witness yourself, people are slowly finding workarounds to the ongoing issues, some are automating normally again but with less actions being done. It’s all about adapting and moving on. Do not expect everything to be an easy walkthrough. This might as many would say be the beginning only.
Learn, adapt & move on. Repeat.
Hope this makes sense to you :slightly_smiling_face:


There will ALWAYS be issues in automation. Instagram doesn’t like bot activity so they will always be trying to implement measures to take it down. The question isn’t if Jarvee is worth it. Because Jarvee with its full functionality is worth every penny, in my opinion. The question is are you going to stick around automation long enough to combat every time Instagram attacks automation and not just act like it’s doomsday and quit everything, like some people lurking this forum.

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I’m testing Jarvee and compared to GMT2 is another level. No bug, no problem about the settings and data.

There will be no perfect time to start with Jarvee or any other automation tools. Jarvee is a tool and what you do of it is what matters most. Of course it has its technicalities but at the end of the day is how you act and react to IG changes. The keywords are test, adapt, look for what works and repeat the process.

To be honest, I really like all the customization options that Jarvee gives. There are other tools on the market but Jarvee is by far the most efficient if you want to scale later.

I would say that if you are going to be starting automation, jarvee is the first choice. You are on track with that, for sure! The Devs are amazing and even through this forum, the support is insane.
We can’t predict the future, but I have a lot of faith in the Jarvee team and I think they will find us some work arounds! What I would say is that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a subscription and use this kind of “limbo” time where things are uncertain to just learn the ins and outs of the program. Stay up to date with the threads and just do your best to move along with the change! :slight_smile:
Hope this helps & good luck!

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Hello !

I still think Jarvee is well worth buying. The possibilities around every social media and stuff are crazy. It’s all about how you use it !
But, its personal opinion!

Good luck bro !

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maybe save a month of subscription and read a mont more to understand automation fully and what the new IG updates mean and how to work with the limitations. Than start slow with the starter subscription and some test accounts, preferable made by yourself. You have to know your stuff to avoid additional costs (PV, and so on) and disabled/banned accounts.

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Jarvee is by far the best IG-Automation software on the market. Also if things and limits are changing there will be ways do grow in the future. And people will grow with Jarvee. So if you are interested in Ig automation go for it. It‘s your best bet right now and also for the future.

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Only thing possibly could happen is fb/ig could try to shutdown Jarvee as they did with other automation solutions in the past (instagress,massplanner,…). But I don’t think chances are high because they have not shutdown Jarvee yet. And of course they know about Jarvee. Jarvee also has by far the best SEO of all IG automation (F/UF) software companys (at least in my country)

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In my opinion the price is not so high… and you can delate your subscribtion whenever you want (you also have a 7 days free trial). I suggest you to try it and do your own test to check if it fits with your needs.

wait for another month. Don’t buy any bot yet. Let Instagram settle down with it’s new AI. It is aggressive right now. In the mean time, warm up your accounts with manual activity.


Read through the forum, try to make out a gameplan and figure it all out before diving in.
Will be wasting subscription days trying to figure it out otherwise.

Don’t buy Jarvee. Automation is dead.

If I were you I would definitely wait until the jarvee release an update to get ride of the actual problems.

Why? You will be experimenting many problems that could be your fault or jarvees fault and you would not know which one the fault is.


I’m currently on the trial, I haven’t had any block yet though I keep getting email requests.
I think I’ll play around and wait till everything has cooled down. atm I love it !

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It depends. If its for IG automation If you want to put a lot of time into it to test and research which settings do work then I say go for it. Otherwise I wouldn’t buy it until the issues are resolved.

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I first purchased it for a single account and grew from there, it is better than anything else on the market and if things keep going it’s still better than nothing, automation has suffered but I think with the right sources it can still work.