Worth removing ghost/bot followers these days?

I have an account of 6k but recently noticed hashtag reach and engagement is low. Should i remove bot followers, is it worth it?

Yes! If you aren’t happy with engagement right now then imagine if you get more followers. Your reach will continue to drop.

have you done this in the past? just curious to see if people have had success doing this

I did this, didn’t saw any improvement in the engagement.
I will focus more on the content, time of publication and interacting with your current fanbase :slight_smile:

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Not necessarily worth it.

“Bot followers” may actually be real users who just prefer using a non-identifiable account to follow you for personal reasons. They might just not be active.

If you know for sure these are of the spam variety, no harm in removing them to give your real audience a better chance to see your content.

But don’t expect that to change those numbers.

If you want engagement, you need to post what will get your audience to engage, based on what works for your account.

Thanks for the advice

Just block ghosted Followers from Jarvee as per the settings you would like,that would help you a lot with Engagement.Also settings like users who don’t interact with my post within the last x days would be great to do this,so you can easily know who is an Inactive follower and who is not.