Would big niche target follwers increase your growth?

I have thought about DM some big Instagram accounts within my niche and follow them and ask them to return the favor and follow me. (My account is of cause big too)

The reason is that when you see posts on the explore page you see why the post is suggested and most of them is "people you follow"
So lets say the niche is cars and i get 20+ 50-100k accounts to follow me. Would people who loves car and mabye follow 2 or 3 of these big car accounts but not my account, see my posts on the explore page?
Have any one tried this? Because if it works it would be a great way to get organic target followers.

I believe that any sort of Shoutout, Like, Etc. from a larger page is always going to help you depending on their Engagement. I know @carswithoutlimits used to sell 5 shoutouts for $225.

Don’t want to put down shoutouts, I know they are great for some users.

Once some user on IG who has over 56K followers agreed to feature my post. Believe it or not but I didn’t gain much followers… go figure.

I will definitely not pay $225 for a shoutout, I rather have IG bots and spam the heck out of IG… lol