Would hashtags matter now? (keyword search feature)


  1. People can access desired content using keyword search.

  2. Merely optimising captions for search keywords can fetch traction to the post (if we compare it only with the utility of hashtags)

  3. Writing SEO friendly captions is easier than a proper hashtag research (in terms of learning as well as execution)


I’ve read here that there will be some change in terms of searching on IG but I don’t see it on my side yet. Do you have this change applied to your IG app?

It is not rolled out in all countries yet. I am from India. We don’t have it here yet. Although if you are from Ireland, UK, US or Canada, you should have it.

I don’t have that as well, but if the changes happen it would really matter in terms of scraping, filtring, and targeting.

what would you use that change for?