Would I face problems using automatiom+phones

I want stay in touch with my fans on my pages, soon I’ll set up a automation for the actions, but replay dms and upload content I wanna do manually, any problems? Im also run right now 3 slaves on same network,and my main thats 4 acc on same wifi😮Thx for your wisdom

Definitely make sure that you don’t use these accounts manually while they are doing automated actions and try to use the same proxy from your phone when you do these actions manually. Maybe you shouldn’t keep your main and slave accounts on the same proxy, optimal is to have your main account on it’s own proxy.

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you need to remove the slave accounts from the main account IP.

make sure to stop all automated actions before you login to your phone and do manual actions.

best to avoid all manual actions and do everything automatically.

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No problems here for the last year, log out of EB, log in via phone, upload content, respond to dms, post a story, log out and then log in via EB again.

Not sure if its automations fault, but ER goes to shit in most cases regardless of content for accounts that do that.

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You may as well automate posting as well if you’ve gone that far in your setup, and leave DM reply’s to manual.

Definitely remove dedicated Slaves (no intentions of ever becoming another type of account) off the main’s IP.

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Sorry I didnt I did not mention, my main on hes own WiFi network +phone verified , the other 3 slaves, same phone (other phone I have 2 ) they on home WiFi network, no bot used yet, trying grow them organic till 2-3k

Ty for your feed back on that, luckly im not the same network internet with the slaves, but I’m worried about GPS

don’t worry about gps,only care about proxies

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Ty for your wisdom