Would you like to target only a certain gender?


I am working on building an app which would tell you the gender of an Instagram profile.

Example usage:
1 - You upload a custom list with IG usernames and the app tell you which ones are male and which ones are female.
eg: You will upload (.csv or copy paste)

Tool will return a .csv with
ig.com/username1 - Male
ig.com/username2 - Male
ig.com/username1 - Female

2 - You give the app an IG username and it can return its list of followers or followings with their appropriate gender.
eg: You will upload

The tool will return;
1 - All followers of brand1 with their genders
2 - All followings of celebrity1 with their gender.

Question is;
1 - Do you need this app? If yes, on a scale of 1 to 5, how desperately do you need it? 1 being “eh” and 5 being “I can’t F’n live without it”


Interesting idea, but :
How will you extract gender/age if the bio is empty?


I would love to have this. It would help alot

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Would be ideal for my team as we only target females. We could live without it but would be found useful and be used.

The idea is to have a sophisticated calculation methodology based on username, full name, bio, image captions, comments and commentators. Each section would hold a different weight and the system would learn over time and improve its guesses.

This is how things will work;

1 - You upload;

The system returns;
ig.com/username1 - 80% male 20% female

Most of them would have imbalanced ratio to clearly indicate what the gender of the profile is. Things get tricky with business accounts but moving forward, the system should also learn to indicate and differentiate between personal and business accounts.


If I may ask, how do you currently filter and target females only?

I do not filter for any gender just pick of the draw only females would really be interested in our content.

Surprising. Such little feedback.

Truth be told, it’s a good and bad thing. Due to the fact it’s not 100% accurate using IG data.

I know another bot has a gender filter launched this year. But the fact remains, they’re guessing according to the username only. Names these days, are not very easy to distinguish.

Someone can be named Alex, and its both gender.


Any updates?
Waiting for some magic

I would also appreciate this tool, even if it wouldn’t be a 100% accurate - it could help a lot.
Can you give us some updates? :slight_smile:

Would be a great tool! i wish it gets launched soon

This app would take a lot of work and methodology to create, but I will be very impressed if it works. It’s a very good idea but just think about whether or not all of the energy and time you will put in it will be worth it

Just saw this thread and I’m really interested to know more about this.
Thank you!

Resurecting a 3 year old topic won’t get you anywhere.
Clearly if you took 1 minute to read the topic you would see the OP never delivered.