Would you pay for a cloud target source database and screener?

  • Yes
  • No

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Hey guys,

Over the past few months I’ve been hammering through the data on Instagram and by now I’ve gone quite pro at scraping Instagram and their data. I’m now contemplating to create an online platform which would allow you to perform target source research in minutes (instead of scraping for hours or days by yourself).

Specifically, you would get data like this for hundred thousands of accounts:

  • Basic metrics (followers, following, engagement)
  • Most used locations (helps you identify where they’re from, or where they frequently are)
  • The language the user uses in their captions
  • Account age
  • Average growth rate
  • Niche

So it would be a platform that allows you to easily filter through this data and find relevant target accounts for your automation strategy.

At this point, it’s just a concept, but I want to know if I should turn this into a product or not :slight_smile:


Wow that sounds crazy good to me :grin:

I wouldn’t pay for it personally, because I can do it on my own. However it is indeed a valuable concept for our members here.

Absolutely, getting high quality data by myself in minutes instead of having to subcontract and wait for someone else would be top notch

Would you be able to plug in a keyword or niche and it would spit out a list of potential sources?

Im very new to scraping data so first I will make my own experiences with that in the software itself. But sounds good what you plan. Keep us updated! I will come back later when I’m a scraper of the gods :smile: