Would you think it will work?

Ok so i tried building pages , twitter , IG and all that , but it seems it just sucks for me and the only thing that worked is group posting. It worked the best with 1 niche and targeted groups , others was meh but still made dollar or two daily. So i’m thinking just getting a massplanner , creating 1 good looking landing page with an offer that basically even untergeted people would want like netflix free ? who doesnt want to watch free movies on laisur time free ? and just create new accounts , no matter if they get banned at some point , and use massplanner to post it just anywhere + another account that says like “yea madafaker it worked , ty Hitler”. But i dont frikking know if that will profit or no , coz loosing money is never fun. Has anyone tried it ? any other suggestions coz im struggling af… 50$ daily is like all that i fcking need nowadays…

It’s not the most elegant of methods, and you’d need a budget to do it. You’re going to get banned sharpish with that behaviour so you would need to do this in bulk. How are you going to get the accounts? Create or purchase? Both have associated costs. You’ll need proxies, lots of them. Where are you going to run Massplanner from? Until you work out your own standard procedures there’d be a hell of a lot work and potentially cost involved. How are you linking to your landing page? Your domain name will be banned very quickly, and potentially your copy too.

My best advice would be to have patience with your accounts. FB can be a harsh mistess.

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That’s kind of like carpet bombing. Sure, if you drop enough bombs you’re eventually going to blow up the target. But there’s a ton of collateral damage!

Step back & think about what you’re trying to accomplish. What are you good at? What do you have a bit of knowledge about? Take that & build. Be laser focused & go after one thing, even if it seems insignificant. Get a few wins & build from there.

Lesson from real life business. Most of the small businesses that fail, fail because they fail to clearly define what it is they want to accomplish. Their marketing strategy lacks focus, is far too broad & they fail to identify the most likely sub-niche to succeed. For instance, maybe I start a widget business. It’s a fairly broad industry. Instead of doing my homework ahead of time & realizing that carbon-fiber widgets are the up & coming thing, lots of interest & low competition, I decide to go after the entire widget market.

9 times out of 10, I’ll fail.

Same thing applies to what you’re doing. Figure out what you want to do & focus on it like a laser.

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