Would you use this for sms verification?

I’m crazy on an idea to send my real verification SIM cards.
Just want to know, is it profitable?
Let say, I have REAL sims of 3 parts of the world: US, Europe, Asia
I will sell numbers(receive your sms or calls) manually, will be available 24/7 (employ one, two, five persons- doesn’t matter)
1 sim - 1 person. Nobody will use your sim, if it’s bought by you.
Price for 1 is 2-3$ (6-12 month alive without top up)

Would appreciate, if someone can answer some of my questions:

  1. If you buy one number, can you use it only for IG(for example) or you can use for several networks? How is it usually done by others?
  2. Would you be really interested to cooperate with me?

Thanks in advance for all replies and advices!


Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!

Thanks for reply

Service exists and is used majority of the people on this forum

Another member of the community has a similar service. It is a legit business if you can outsource it