WP Cloaker Redirection


For the bio link, goo.gl link>>Free WP site>>e commerce site,
we lose much traffic to reach the e commerce site.

If we use the WP Cloaker plugin of wordpress for every domain to create one redirection link pointing to the e commerce site, this link is just for one IG account, would this be safe if many different links pointing to one e commerce site?

There are many different plugins with that name. I assume you are talking about http://wpcloaker.com/ ?

You will have;

IG bio ->

unique domain or subdomain with Wordpress + plugin installed

real visitors -> Your ecommerce site OR Instagram bots -> something else, maybe article on that same domain/subdomain.

Links to your ecommerce site will be hidden for Instagram, so should be safe.

The problem you still have is to find a domain/subdomain where you can install Wordpress+plugin for every Instagram profile. Some people use the same domain on 2 or 3 Instagram profiles. Or they make several subdomains on 1 domain. But there are limits. Instagram will probably see connections when you use several subdomains on 1 domain.

I received a lot of spam, like this. Here you have to click on the username in the bio to go to another profile with the link in the bio. It seems to work. Checked the stats for the goo.gl link and saw a lot of users who clicked… But here you will ofcourse also leave a trace for IG…

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Thanks for your reply.

I mean this plugin

I buy many domains such as domain1.com, domain2.com

For every domain, I install the wordpress theme of Avada and the above plugin.

According to the feature of the plugin, I can set the 301, 302, 303,307 or JS redirection of url domain1.com/visit/link/product to the e commerce site maindomain.com

For one domain, I just set one link, and do not use the sub domains. They would be domain1.com/visit/link/product
domain2.com/visit/link/product domain3.com/visit/link/product

Every link is just for one IG account bio link. So would IG detect this?

I was wondering how much is this method decreasing the conversions instead of using real URLs. What do you think? :smiley:

That plugin will not help you. You put a link to the domain in your IG bio, IG will follow that link and that plugin will redirect the IG spider directly to your e-commerce site. It is not different than using a bit.ly or goo.gl link in your IG bio.

What you need is a cloaker plugin on your Wordpress website that can redirect different visitors to different destinations, based on what kind of visitor it is. So normal users to your e-commerce website, the IG spider to something else. The above plugin will not do that.

There are other Wordpress plugins claiming to do this like http://wpcloaker.com/ Some people also use this: http://www.advertsafe.net/instagram.php That can redirect traffic without Wordpress installed.


Probably you are right :wink:
Some people post the account name to the account with link even in a post, not even in the bio.

I looked at the stats https://bitly.com/2lHAWNW+
He does have results, but do not know how many spam profiles he uses to get this number. And what would be his result with direct links ?

Using a link to a unique domain on every IG profile really makes it difficult to scale :flushed:

Even the IP your are hosting the domain on can be a signal if many sites are hosted on the same IP…

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Hi . i follow the discussion and it’s interesting.In my case i make posts with same link(my website ecom) and not problem.But Not link in bio.

What i cannot understand - If i use more sub-domains to redirect to my basic eccommerce store , is there a way those “redirected domains” to be cloacked them selves ?

How do you put a link in a post ? It will be something not clickable.

You need to start with a link in your IG bio, there is nothing you can do about that. Only on the domain or subdomain the visitor arrives on you can install a cloaker. Before that you can do nothing. So the domain/subdomain will always be visible for IG.

Hi and thanx for your answer.
As i see “Only on the domain or subdomain the visitor arrives on you can install a cloaker” - Does that mean i can redirect subdomains to my basic domain (ecom) and the cloacker to be at the ecom domain, right ?

Need to do that as G+ is very hard to open…

No. How do you want to make this work that way ?

Link in IG bio to domain or subdomain -> visitor arrives on domain/subdomain, cloaker sends visitors to ecommerce site, IG bots will be sent to something else, maybe to article on that same domain/subdomain.

A cloaker on your ecommerce site will not work if your visitor arrives on the first domain/subdomain.

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So as i understand(sorry for asking again just to be clear what i am going to do) , shall i have installed the cloacker at subdomain / domain that the visitor clicks , but shall this domain/subdomain have a landing page ? Or just when the visitor clicks to subdomain/domain he is imediatelly redirected to my basic website ?

thanx a lot

Yes, the cloaker must be installed on the domain/subdomain. The real visitor will not see this domain/subdomain, but will be redirected immediately to your offer somewhere else, without clicking on a button or something like that.

So this is very different than the system with Google+ pages where the visitor has to click a link again to go to your offer.

But you also need something for the IG spider. Maybe you can make some nonsense page for that on that same domain/subdomain.


So it is essential me to make for example a “stupid blank page” to any domain / subdomain to deal with that…“spider” ?

Thanx a lot again

You mean “on that domain”.

You must feed the spider with something. But you can easily copy/paste something from another website…

So now i think i understood :

-I purchase all those subdomains and put link in bio , all those domains are redirecting to basic domain

-Basic domain has cloacker

-I have at those sub-domains for example a “blog page”"

is this right ?

NOOO :cry:

Try to understand… You have domains or subdomains. Links to these domains or subdomains you can put in your IG bio. A cloaker on these domains or subdomains sends your real visitors from these domains or subdomains to your offer somewhere else. Usually this is on another website. If you put that cloaker on that “another” website your cloaker will NOT work.

Please try to understand what I wrote above. I cannot explain it in a better way.

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This is what you need! :nerd:

Those cloakers does NOT in any way mean you will be safe. All kind of Cloakers have been used for many years on Facebook paid ads and Facebook engineers are constantly on the chase…

Replace “Free WP site” with simplest lander with email opt-in form for some very attractive offer (free ebook, good tips, etc) before user can redirect to your main ecomm site. This way you dont waste so much traffic, build list and also stop IG bots from getting to your main site (not 100% proof) but extra safety is never wasted :wink: