WP Social Traffic

has any one tried http://wpsocialtraffic.convertri.com/ some people talking about it and says its good but its all reviews can be fake or made by the program owners so i want someone has real tried it and know if its good or not
thank you everyone

Any web page that looks like that, and has an autoplay video is more than likely going to be either a scam, or complete rubbish in my experience and logic. I would stay well clear.


“complete free traffic on auto-pilot” if you’ve been doing marketing for at least a couple of months you should know :

  1. nothing is free, it either takes time, or $
  2. nothing is auto-pilot, there will alway be the need of human interaction

haven’t looked more than that, but it looks like one of those WSO that boast a lot and deliver nothing…


It comments on facebook pages in your niche with spintax from your wordpress site, which all get blocked by admins if you put a link in, its nothing MP cant do better with more control and settings

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thank you everyone .