[WTB] Any Jarvee Setup Consultants? Happy to pay a little for help configuring some accounts

Struggling on a setup with the scraper accounts and getting my pages added without causing blocks. I would love to do a screen share session and get this configured and walked through for a half hour and make sure I do this properly. Happy to PayPal or Venmo over for some help.

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Yea I can help you DM me

no clue how to do that on here :man_facepalming:


If you need help to set up your Jarvee I can help you. But we are specialist in API Calls. We run all our Accounts with our own Proxies and have great settings to run many actions without blocks or ac.

Tell me if you need more information or if you have some question.


Would love getting this setup with you. Not sure how to do a DM to get some more info.

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I will DM you :slight_smile:

I am also seeking a Jarvee or Socinator consultant to setup a growth campaign though for Facebook and want to learn so we can build our own campaign’s in future. Looking for someone to assist.

I’m willing to put someone on monthly retainer to setup and maintain my Jarvee.