[WTB]Anyone selling Twitter accounts

i need some good old twitter accounts around 50

Feel free to Pm me, I provide aged accounts for Twitter @Zain_ul_Abideen

hi im interested

Hi, I’ve seen your postings. I’d like to buy a Twitter account. Looking for something that will look respectable, with 1500-3000 followers. Let meknow if you can help. Thx

Hey @Gay_Danite I can provide an account like that, please feel free to Pm me

Sure I have 2 accounts with 3k followers

please pm me i’m interested

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I have accounts with 5k real followers too 50K real followers, aged and fresh accounts for sale.

Skype: jeroenedge

hello I’m interested

Can you pm me your account for sale that has 50K followers, thanks,

i know where to get aged 2016 accounts for around .50-.60 cents pm me

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can’t PM you, can you pm me?

I specialize in the sale of aged twitter accounts from 2008 to 2012. Followers range from 1k to 20k. I have hundreds of positive ratings on other websites too. Pm me if you’re interested in buying

Ok I will do that right now

whats your budget?

Aged twitter 11 years old available.

Aged twitter 11 years old available.2009 created