WTB - Instagram Account 10k+

Minimum: 10k Followers
Niche: Social Media Marketing, Entrepreneur, Motivation etc. (anything similar)

Please LMK if you got anything in stock
& tell me your prices /k



I have a few accounts in stockā€¦ 10k + accounts: here is a list:
Luxury and Motivation, 13.853 followers = 300$

Luxury and Motivation, 16.250 followers= 350$

Fitness and Sports, 10.985 followers= 250$

Business and Brand, 15.110 followers= 350$

Pets and Animals, 10.960 followers = 250$

Fashion and Style 15.604 followers= 350$

Fitness and Sports, 12.474 followers= 300$

Art and Design, 19.080 followers= 400$

Travel and leisure, 7k followers= 200$

so all of these accounts are already solidified and making money?