[WTB] Instagram emails/usernames/names scraping

Hello, I need scraping. I will need ~4500 emails at once or 150 emails each day. And I just want to provide certain charasteristics about my targeted audience. I dont want to provide certain accounts to scrape followers from , but rather just tell about what is my targeted people specifically. I will need you to scrape their: Name, Instagram username and email.

So here is an example of what info for scraping I will give you:

Scrape only people from these countries:

Japan , China and Hon Kong

20% of them should be - Food businesses

20% of them should be - Parfume businesses

20% of them should be - Clothing businesses

20% of them should be – Cars businesses

20% of them should be – Gaming businesses

Thats just an example.

If someone could help me with this kind of scraping , please send me a message, thank you!

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Hey Ins, we can do this for you without any problems, message me in inbox and we can continue from there.

hello what do you mean by inbox? we can chat here mate or give me your whatsapp/skype if you can please!

Hello, im still searching!