[WTB] Instagram scraping

I have a lots of account that need to be scraped (all their followers + email and phone number).

Please let me know if someone is offering this service!


What sizes are the accounts
Also how many

Hi! I have many of them, from 2K to 300K.

What are your rates? Because my client already gave me a budget and I need to work with that (it sucks, I know…)

Don’t really have rates as such as not a business
I could do it for you

how many account do you need scrape

Those are all the accounts, I already started on my side as well but well…there are many to scrape

I have had good success with scraping and there and many services available. I’m not allowed to post links, but just Google around.

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just had look at account followers wow
thats some ammount your looking for
will take some time get together

yep, also fine batches are fine anyway

Sending you a PM shortly with 1K usernames scraped along with emails and phone numbers. If you like it, we can talk.