[WTB] Looking for a partner who can grow accounts for me(for resell)

Hello guys! I need lots of accounts each month to resell. Any niche is ok as long as the followers are 100% real people and an account has some kind of engagement, let’s say 3-5% or so.

Accounts can be 5000, 10000, 15000 and bigger. Just let me know please if someone is able to grow accounts in many niches!

I am not sure if anyone is able to grow accounts that fast, 5000 followers per month… I would like to hear experiences…

not 5k a month, but let’s say 5k in 2 months max or so, that would be still very high speed, but maybe possible?

What kind of account do you want to grow? IG or TikTok?

i want to grow ig accunts