[WTB] Mass DM service


As the title says, I am looking for a provider for mass DMs (1mil+). Feel free to message me, will look at all the offers. :slight_smile:

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WTB Thread approved.

Please read the rules below:

looking for 50k dms as well, if anyone can offer - PM

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looking too. please dm me. thanks

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as well. message me

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I’m interested of mass DM service(1 mil+).
looking for collaboration!

Same please email me PM me

Edited by Henry Cooper: I removed your email.

The max amount of DMs that can be sent are 1M which takes 7+ days.The truth is though if you want the results FAST everything works on a bidding system and the cost will can go up really quick especially when doing a campaign as large as 1M+ DMs.

Most providers scam their clients by ordering like 1/2 of the promised DMs and not ever sending a screenshot, so beware and watch out.

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any chance you know which software is used? thanks in advance

Putting 10 control accounts in there would help with that. At least you would not go blind :slight_smile:

Looking to place an order as well for this, pls DM if you offer this

Also ISO this service- please DM if available.

Is anyone offering this service right now? PM me if you do.

are you still looking for mass dm?

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