WTB: Need 1m followers scraped ASAP $$$

I need the complete followers list (just usernames) of two instagram accounts. One of the accounts has 820k followers and the other one has 140k followers.

If you can get me the lists of followers for both of these accounts, then please post here with your price, and the amount of time it will take you to complete.

I need this done as soon as possible. Thanks.

You can do it easily using scrape tools on Jarvee! Did you try that? its just a few clicks really

I’d rather just pay someone to do this for me ASAP.

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Due to Instagram limits you can’t scrape more than 27-30k usernames from 1 account’s followers.

Is this even if multiple accounts are used to scrape?

So you are saying my request is impossible?

Multiple accounts yes, but they will just scrape the same 27-30k ± the other ones scraped from the same account, the last time your request was possible i believe it was December 2019 i was doing it using good quality scrapper accounts and some expensive 4g rotating proxies and scraping 500k-1m usernames followers from 1 account, right now, can’t scrape more than 27-30k.

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My goal is to find all accounts that follow two profiles (one account has 800k followers and the other has 150k followers). Do you have recommendation for doing this, or do you know how this can be done? I’m willing to pay $$

Hey Joseph. Its possible to scrape :slight_smile:


Good luck but as far as i know and i’m currently still doing Instagram scraping for other projects i’m working on but, you can’t scrape more than 1k usernames who liked a single post and can’t scrape more than 27-30k usernames from the followers of 1 account.

Good Someone found a way to do it then and avoid the limits, @lightpro check this guy :wink:

Is it possible to scroll manually through the list with followers using a browser? Do you know if you can scroll through a million followers?

If that is possible you can try it with Selenium.

Hit me up, I’m able to scrape those 1m users in 1 day.

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With Jarvee?

No. 13 characters

i tried a script for that and try to copy them later but now at some point the browser get stuck or the scraper account get into a trouble, so now i’m just using my tools(not jarvee) to scrape within the limit and get the data or leads i want, so what ever the solution the other guys are using, it’s not just a simple scraping of 1 account, it must be something else.

I am experimenting with Selenium and Python. It’s real fun, you can make wonderful things…

@supersuppe helping others is nice :wink:


For scrapping, just use Jarvee or “mother” of jarvee. It works well really. Gone are the days when we had to search for alternatives :slight_smile:

Yeah that is true.
If someone needs something scrapped, I’m more than happy to help you out :slight_smile:

Jarvee is good at scraping at low scale. But once you need to scrape through every follower of eg. An 500k account, jarvee becomes unhandy :frowning:

It would help telling what does work instead of what does not work :wink: