[WTB] Need someone who can help me to convernt clients from cold emails

Hello! I Need someone who can help me to convernt clients from cold emails. I’m able to deliver 900 emails daily to inbox, 60-70% open rate, many answers “im interested”, but im not able to convert these people into actual clients of mine, even for the trial its hard to convert.

If someone could help me , please write me a personal message so we can discuss further details, thank you!

Depending on your scaling plans, I would really recommend setting up a phone call (and a personal contract signing meetup after the call if possible) with them, after they show interest. A lot of those “company owners” (sometimes just a one-person company), are busy with their business - even if some of us would not even call it a business - and normally don’t take the marketing steps they should be taking, which is the reason that they are interested but do not take action.

If you do not want to go that route, you really need to shake up their world by throwing hard facts into their faces (short but with a punch). Especially with the current commerce situation (Covid-19), a lot of these people will close down if they don’t take their business into the more digital realm of marketing (where their customers currently are).

Since we have quite a few talented people here on MPSocial, I am sure others will be able to provide you some tips and valuable insights! No need to spend money on that.

What kind of services are you trying to sell?

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You can read this thread, there are some good points that can help you:



I’m tryind to sell follow/unfollow manual growth which i outsource, so im a reseller. Problem is that i get a lof of “im interested”, but its hard for me to convince them. I’m from Europe, so my accent is not native english while most of the people that are interested are USA based. Meet up in this case would be not possible too. So yeah. I’m thinking what i could do in this situation.

I’m in Europe and don’t have any accent. I’ll send you a PM. Interested.

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