[WTB] Reviews/recommendations from bigger instagram accounts

Hello guys, I’m trying to get more clients for my instagram growth follow/unfollow business and I’m doing cold emails. However, many people are asking to give them some examples of our clients, but since i just have few , not very big clients from the past, they are not the best example. Maybe someone of you has instagram accounts growed by really much, or the big clients that you’re collaborating with , so i could tell them as an example ? I would tell them to my potential clients and your client or big accounts that you have would tell something like “yes, im working with this company, it brings me good results”

I understand its not very easy to do, but i will pay for that. Also I would provide only trials to these potential people, so they would not buy my service at the first place, so this wont ruin any of yours or your clients reputatiop.

Please , let me know if anyone could help me , thanks!

That’s highly unethical. I would be very surprised if anyone with those kinds of clients would be willing to put their reputation on the line…